Family Law

Avoid a Legal Battle Over Your Child or Assets

Avoid a Legal Battle Over Your Child or Assets

Consider separating from your spouse outside of court

Litigation is not the only way to dissolve your marriage. You might find working with a dispute resolution attorney will save you time and money and spare you additional heartache. McDavid Law, PLLC can help you by drafting a child custody or visitation agreement, as well as providing legal guidance about your divorce case.

Your first step is to schedule a consultation. Then, we can begin working toward a solution. Call 919-335-6949 today to make an appointment.

Still think divorce is the only option?

McDavid Law will stand by you. During your consultation, an experienced divorce attorney will ask questions to better understand your goals. These questions may include...

  • What assets or benefits do you and your spouse share?
  • What is your relationship like with your spouse?
  • Who is your child's primary caretaker?

Be sure to ask questions of your own so you know what to expect during your divorce hearing. Call 919-335-6949 today to schedule your consultation.