Criminal Law

Do Not Lose Sleep Fretting Over Your Case

Do Not Lose Sleep Fretting Over Your Case

Rest easy knowing McDavid Law will handle it

People who have been arrested have found peace of mind working with an experienced attorney. You can, too. McDavid Law, PLLC is licensed to represent clients in superior and district courts. We will use proven methods to defend you and work toward achieving your goals.

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Should you hire an attorney?

Never attempt to represent yourself in criminal court. Only an experienced attorney has the knowledge and experience required to present your case. Turn to McDavid Law if...

  • You are facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.
  • You have multiple or no prior convictions.
  • You want to avoid fines or jail time.

We will do our best to achieve the outcome you desire. In some cases, our clients have avoided the negative consequences of a criminal conviction altogether. But whatever the outcome, you will leave your hearing satisfied with our representation.

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