Do What is Best for Your Child

Do What is Best for Your Child

Hire a child custody attorney in North Carolina.

When a divorce case evolves into complex litigation, child custody often comes a primary issue. Children deserve a child Custody order focused on the best interests of the child.. McDavid Law will help you fight for a custody order that protects the your children. McDavid Law, PLLC offers legal services for parents in North Carolina . Whether you have recently been through a divorce or you are renegotiating custody terms, a child custody attorney at our firm can help.

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What does a judge look for?

When a child custody case comes before a judge for hearing and/or trial, they have a difficult decision to make. McDavid Law will help you build a strong case to present in court. When a judge decides the custody arrangement that is in the best interest of the child(ren), they look for...

  • Physical fitness
  • Mental fitness
  • Financial fitness

Discuss your case with a child custody attorney. We will work with you to fight for your child's best interests.

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