Domestic Violence Protective Orders

Need to File a Restraining Order? McDavid Law Has Your Back.

Need to File a Restraining Order? McDavid Law Has Your Back.

We'll help you take measures to protect yourself

You and your children shouldn't have to live in fear. Take advantage of legal avenues to protect your family. McDavid Law, PLLC will outline your options in detail, as well as help you file a protective order against your partner.

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Which order is right for you?

Domestic violence survivors can choose to file restraining or protective orders. The right choice for you depends on...

  • How quickly you need protection-emergency protective orders can go into effect immediately.
  • How long you want protection-temporary restraining orders expire within a few weeks. Permanent restraining orders can protect your family for years.
  • What precautions you want to take-the consequences of violating a restraining order include felony charges.

An attorney at McDavid Law can help you weigh the pros and cons of different types of domestic violence protective orders. Call 919-335-6949 today to discuss your options.